Hi, I'm Kishokanth👋

A Front-end Developer who truly believes in the power of JavaScript and their power in making every website a web-app and every web-app a website.

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My Portfolio 🙌

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Syndrom Krugera

Website created to showcase the podcasts from Michal Rejent, a Polish fashion entrepreuner

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Fully responsive E-commerce website created for Poland based fashion brand for working women

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Web-app created for Warsaw based middle-eastern restaurant using Gatsby, Contenful and Salesforce.

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Ovini Studio

A portfolio website created for Ovini, a Melbourne, Australia based independent fashion brand

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Looking to develop a Web App? 💻

I believe the best client is one I can call a partner and has an idea of where they would like to be and trust me enough to get us there. These are the partnerships that create great digital products.

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My Blog ✍️

Where I write my musings and share what I know

Creating dynamic social media cards for SEO in Next.js

A solution to the issue of creating dynamic social media cards when woking with Next.js

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8 takeaways from my first hackathon

Read the 8 takeaways from my first ever hackathon to increase your chances of winning and having an awesome learning experience

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A sticky Navbar in React with 3 lines of code

Making a sticky navbar is no longer tedious thanks to the new Sticky CSS property! Learn how to do this with only 3 lines of code!

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How to create a Layout component in Gatsby

Learn how you can share your Navigation and Footer components across all your pages on Gatsby and other React powered frameworks

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4 ways to render content conditionally in React

React provides us with the ability to render content and components conditionally and in this post I show you how to achieve this

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What's a good Front-End project partnership?

In this post I share my tips for how clients and developers can work together with a shared vision and trust to achieve product success

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How to destructure nested objects using ES6

Destructuring nested objects in JavaScript can be a fun excercise thanks to ES6. Check out the example here and try it yourself!

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