About Me

Titbits of information on who I am and what I'm upto

Let's divide what I'm spending most of my time in 2022 into 3.

1. A JavaScript developer

After a career of a few years in marketing, public relations, teaching and being an academic manager responsible for driving student learning, I discovered that coding was fun. So much so that I was hooked on JavaScript the moment I made a small website whose sole function was to make different fart noises. I kept at teaching myself how to code with many resources online, did some freelancing on some really interesting projects and then started working at MerixStudio where I work on even cooler projects with a great team.

The tools that I work with change depending on the use case, but these days I'm hooked on working with Next.js, Apollo and TypeScript.

I invest quite a bit of time into personal projects where I tinker around with new tech, tools and stuff, and come across interesting problems along the way. The same can be said of the projects I work on at work, as the projects and problems I solve vary. This blog is now the repository for all the knowledge that I obtain whilst solving those problems. Simply put, I want to be writing the blog post I wish I had when I was solving the problem. Another reason I'm writing here is the concept called "learning in public", which I was exposed to by listening to this blogpost from Kent C. Dodds. I highly recommend reading this blog post/listening to the podcast as learning in public means that you open-source your private repository of knowledge to everyone. So if a single developer found my writing useful, I consider myself satisfied :)

2. A PhD student

The curious academic side of me likes teaching, reading and writing. That's why I'm working on getting my PhD from the University of Economics in Poznan. My current area of research is how Augmented Reality impacts consumer behaviour. I'm also a winner of the Preludium grant given by the national science centre of Poland and is working on some very interesting research that you can keep an eye on in my research profile.

3. Keeping fit

You'd think that something like keeping fit wouldn't be here, but it is as staying active is a huge part of my life. It's what I consider to be a meditation of sorts as it helps me disconnect from things. It's also the habit that taught me the value of staying consistent to get better at literally anything and the importance of a structured life. These are lessons that I carried with me when I was learning how to code, learning how to conduct research and today when I am trying to become a better version of myself.

It's also good to get your butt off of the computer once in a while to prevent chronic back pain.


If you're still here, and the reason you popped into my blog is to look for advice on how to teach yourself to code, do write to me on LinkedIn. It was and is a steep learning curve, and I'd love to help you out in any way I can.

If you have any other comments/suggestions on how I can improve the content here, do let me know in the comments.