Sat May 28 2022

How to remove falsy property values from a JavaScript object

A quick snippet of code showcasing a function I created to remove falsy values from a JavaScript object


I had an object which contained several falsy values and wanted it cleaned. Let's say it looked like what's below

1const someObject = {
2 name: "Kisho",
3 familyName: undefined,
4 location: "Poland",
5 age: null,


A quick function that looks like below

1const removeFalsyProperties = (obj) => {
2 // assigns the passed object into a const
3 const cleanedObject = obj;
4 // Object.keys returns us an array of the keys in the object. eg ['name', 'familyName', 'location', 'age']
5 // we loop through this array with forEach and look if each key has a value that is falsy
6 Object.keys(cleanedObject).forEach((key) => {
7 // if there is a falsy value, we delete that property
8 if (!cleanedObject[key]) {
9 delete cleanedObject[key];
10 }
11 });
12 // once the loop is complete, we return the object which does not contain anymore falsy values
13 return cleanedObject;


1const cleanedObject = removeFalsyProperties(someObject);

`cleanedObject` should now look something like this.

1{name: 'Kisho', location: 'Poland'}

Did this help you or do you know of any alternative ways of handling this? Hit me up in the comments below!